Graph Zone

Here are some graphs I've made using Desmos's online graphing calculator. Each one includes a bunch of notes about how it works!


Push the boxes around and try to get all of them on the dots!

I've never completed this puzzle, so I'm not sure it's actually possible.

CHIP-8 Interpreter

Run programs on this '70s-era virtual machine.

And try the most excruciatingly slow version of Space Invaders ever to be made available to the general public!

3D Flowerpot

Examine this 3D model from all kinds of different angles!

But don't look too hard at it from the back, there are a few glitchy polygons.


A recreation of the famous utility found in every Windows installation. Push keys on the on-screen keyboard and watch letters appear.

Even the Shift key works!


This is the story

of a girl whose heart was standing still

and a boy whose breath was being stolen away,

both of whom die.

Raytraced Sphere

Admire the slightly odd-looking shading of this classic three-dimensional figure. Move the sliders to view it from different angles.

I originally made this graph a million years ago, when I was in high school!