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I made a 3D raytraced sphere in @Desmos :… #MathMonday #graphingcalculatorabuse

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My #AppleTV app is slightly more popular than the official Care Bears video game!

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Angry Baskets

Shoot mad hoops using the touchpad on your Apple TV Remote! How many baskets can you get in a row? (Answer: probably not very many.)

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PokéScript lets you learn code by playing Pokémon Red Version. It’s like those Hour of Code “guide the character down the path” puzzles, only cooler! You can also cheat and give yourself Ꝑ99999, see your opponents’ Pokémon’s stats, and change your name!


  • Make the computer press buttons for you!
  • API bindings to game features (push buttons, read signs, check Pokémon stats)
  • Full interactive tutorial (learn how to write loops and functions!)
  • Entirely client-side JavaScript
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Minibowl is a simplified 3D bowling game. Can you get three strikes in a row?

Originally posted on is a quick and easy way to send files to other computers on your LAN. Just send the file from one computer and recv it on another.

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Is This Biz Green

Is This Biz Green is a web app that lets you easily determine whether or not you’re standing in a county-certified green business.

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Orpheus - a game about waiting

“Orpheus - a game about waiting” is a simple game. The goal is to avoid using your device for as long as possible.

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Hexaclock is the very first iPhone app I ever made. Tell the time like the ultimate geek!

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